How to Get Rid of a Pimple Overnight 5 Quick Tips

How to Get Rid of a Pimple Overnight 5 Quick Tips

 Body acne can be really terrible and problematic. When I struggled with from body acne I would never take a trip to the coast, never take my top off, and It was really embarrassing when going out on dates. I felt really awkward and my body acne was overtaking my life.

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1. EAT MORE CARROTS: Carrots are rich in Vitamin A, which has been observed to combat breakouts of pimples. In addition, Vitamin A is able to promote general skin health, which will keep future breakouts from occurring. Chances are, if you don’t eat carrots (or another Vitamin A rich food like sweet potatoes, or spinach) regularly then you are deficient in this vitamin at some level. Vitamin A can also be taken as a supplement if you aren’t a huge veggie fan.

2. CUCUMBER JUICE: Keeping with our vegetable theme, cucumbers are another food that is great for the skin. Applying the juice from this vegetable for about 15 minutes can tighten pores, and cause skin to react similarly to how carrots might. Cucumber juice can be washed off the face with warm water and a damp rag, as long as a gentle and soothing action is used. As weird and unhygienic as this might sound, trust me, cucumbers can work wonders.

3. Benzoyl Peroxide - a step up from the standard cleansers or lotions, Benzoyl Peroxide is found to give great results to those prone to outbreaks of acne. Available as prescription of non-prescription based products, this is a cream or gel that offers effective treatment to a face after a breakout of spots. Benzoyl peroxide aims to kill the inflammation causing bacteria known as the P. acnes bacterium.

4. DIY Remedies - Everyday products found in the home, such as toothpaste, crushed aspirin (made into a paste), lemon or potato wedges, clove oil, fresh mint, tomatoes (again made into a paste) are often claimed to be effective at treating spot prone areas - although some of these methods might be different to apply to the back

5. In order to continue to fight the battle and get rid of body acne, you also must look at the things that you eat. You need to get more fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds into your diet. These things provide you with a lot of essential vitamins and minerals that will keep your body acne free. One food in particular to look at is Brazil Nuts. They have best tested to have reduced the amount of acne that a person has, so make sure you have plenty of these. You also want to make sure that you drink plenty of water every day to help keep your body clean.

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Remember, Hygiene is the key to all your pimple worries. Once you get that clear skin you will be on your way to a brighter and more positive outlook in life. Wouldn’t you want to face the world with a smoother clearer skin?

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